Your artwork should ideally be black on white (regardless of the colour). The Logo's or designs should be able to fit on a 205mm diameter circle for 18 Inch foil balloons or in a 125mm Circle for printing on latex balloons. The resolution should be good (ideally 300dpi) and should be in a recognisable image format e.g. JPEG. If in doubt, ask us!

You can send the file by Email, or by disk in the post. If you have a specific font you want to use, please either send us the font, or advise us of the name so we can download it. We can, from a letterhead or logo for example, create the artwork for you. Simple fonts are free, very complex logos may incur a charge.

Photographs can be printed as a series of dots and work best on a light coloured balloon with dark inks. We can work from a colour or a black and white photo but the print will always be in one colour. On latex balloons we can print up to eight individual colours and on foil balloons, six. We can do more but the costs become prohibitive.

Ideally, your artwork should have a separate layer for each colour required. Due to the nature of printing on wobbly balloons, registration is not absolutely perfect but is usually within 1mm. We will do our best! We can pantone match ink colours but the colour of the balloon may have a small effect on the perceived colour of the ink. We will make it as close as possible though!

If you have any questions on how to submit artwork for printing, please contact us; it sounds more complicated than it is!