Balloons that have been printed on will create that special little extra for your promotion or event. Our balloons are sourced from the best manufacturers from around the world. They are of the best quality - suitable for helium too - and we guarantee our printed balloons to be strong, elegant and perfectly formed!

We offer our balloons in all the standard sizes: 10 inch, 11 inch, 12 inch, 16 inch and many others besides. Shapes include: rounds, hearts and stars. We offer a range of printing options, your balloons can be printed on one or two sides in up to eight colours on each side! You can have different logos, different colour inks and different colour balloons!

Our balloon printing is known for it's high quality and bright colours. We do this by using laser guided, silk screen printing and taking a lot of care and pride in our work! We source the highest quality balloons which are then individually inflated then silk screen printed with a logo, image or photo of your choice. We take your logo and create a silk 'plate'. Once the balloon has been inflated, the silk screen is pressed on your balloon - one for each colour - and then the ink is squeezed through. Once the balloons dry, they are tumble blasted to return them to their exact original condition, but with a great image on too! We use specialist inks that are designed just for the job. We are sure you will be impressed by the results!