Please see our frequently asked questions below. If you are new to the process of balloon printing, you might like to take a look at our balloon printing guide, which explains everything you need to get going.

Do I have to inflate my balloons with helium?

Our balloons are suitable for both air and helium fill. We recommend using an air pump if inflating with air (these start from £1.62) and you can use cups and sticks for basic decoration and giveaways as a helium free alternative. Balloons need helium to float.

What is the minimum order quantity for printed balloons?

We are able to print small orders as well as large print runs. Our minimum order depends how many colours you have printed on to the balloon and starts at 25 balloons for a 1 colour print.

Are latex balloons environmentally friendly?

Latex Balloons are a natural product and are fully biodegradable. Exposed to the elements they will biodegrade at the same rate as an oak leaf. Ribbons and valves cannot be used if you choose to release balloons and foil balloons should never be released.

What size and type of balloons do you print on?

We print on 10”, 11”, 12” and 3’ Latex balloons. We print on 18” round/ heart foils, 20” star foils and 36” foils. We only use high quality, helium grade latex balloons from Belbal and Qualatex. We are also able to print custom shape foil balloons for orders over 5000- price upon request.

Can I see a colour chart for the balloons?

Please click here to see the style and colours we print on.

How long does it take to get my printed balloons?

Our standard lead time for printed balloons is 5 - 7 working days once we have received your full order details and payment. Large print runs can take longer, but we will be able to give you an indication before you order. We can often cater for urgent turnarounds, and try and work to your ideal delivery date so please do ask.

How to I submit a design to be printed? What format?

Your artwork would be as high a resolution image file as possible; we are able to reduce the size of your artwork if necessary but if we have to increase the size it can cause the artwork to blur. Files must be formatted for a PC rather than a Mac in a file type of EPS, PSD, PDF, JPG or TIF. If you have a few different file types feel free to send them all across to us and we can choose the best quality if you are unsure! If you require any further guidance please just ask.

Can I have a photograph printed?

We can print photographs on to latex balloons, black ink generally works best. We use a printing process similar to newspaper print known as “halftones” where small dots are printed at various distances to give the impression of shading. The end result is like a black and white photograph in a newspaper. Unfortunately we are unable to print photographs on to standard foil balloons but we can offer a special larger photo balloon

How big will it be?

Each different size balloon has a different available print area available but generally speaking this will cover the main “face” of the balloon. The print area is always a circular shape so it is best if you are able to tweak your artwork / design to best suit this (i.e. a long, thin design wouldn’t best utilise the space and would have to be printed quite small to fit within the print area). The print area of a 10” latex balloon is approximately a 4” diameter circle. The print area of a 12” latex balloon is approximately a 5” diameter circle. The print area of an 18” foil balloon is approximately an 8” circle.