You can choose between latex or foil balloons. Latex balloons are the most cost effective option and have a huge range of colours to chose from - see colour chart here. Foil balloons are more expensive but are extremely striking and float for days when inflated with helium. They are available in three different shapes - Circles, Stars and Hearts. You can see examples of our balloons on our portfolio page here.

For latex balloons the standard sizes are 10, 11 and 12 Inch diameter. We also print larger sizes on request including giant 2 and 3 foot balloons! Our round and heart shaped foil balloons are 18 inches in diameter when uninflated and our star shapes 20 inches. We also sell giant foil balloons, up to 4 foot wide! You can see a size guide for balloons here.

Yes! Prices for printing on both sides of a balloon can be found here. You can have the same logo printed on the second side or a different one.

We can. On all types of balloons. Printing in one or two colours is more cost effective though and we can often advise on design solutions for a one or two colour print that will look just as good as a full colour one. Balloons tend to look the best printed with relatively simple, high contrast an bold designs so the artwork can be made out from a distance away.

Our minimum order for foil balloons is 10 and for standard sizes of latex balloons 25. Due to up front screen costs, printed balloon prices get a lot cheaper per balloon the more balloons you have, so if you are a regular user of printed balloons then it's worth buying in larger quantities.

As well as personalised balloons we also offer helium hire or buy as well as all the accessories you might need for your printed balloons such as ribbon, air hand pumps and balloon sticks.

Our standard lead time for our printed balloons is 5 working days, so in other word you'll receive your balloons within a week of paying for your order. We also offer an express service if you require your balloons in a rush. Please ask for prices.

We accept most file types but .pdf or .eps (both vector types) are best. If a bitmap file like Jpeg then the resolution should be as high as possible. As a general rule, artwork files should be good enough quality so that they can be enlarged to the size of a computer screen without becoming blurry. More information is available here.

If you are unable to find a higher resolution copy of your artwork (usually from the original designer) then our designers are on hand to support you. Complex artworks that are likely to take some time to re-work will incur charges. We will of course advise you beforehand if this is likely to be needed. Use our free artwork checker service here.

The short answer is yes! On Latex balloons we would normally print in one colour in black and white. The photos will be printed in 'halftones' so the eventual print will look like an old style newspaper photo made from lots of tiny dots. You can see examples and more information here. On foil balloons we can print full colour photographs although they won't be quite as high resolution as you can achieve on photographic paper.

We can print in all colours, in standard colours and metallics such as gold or silver. We have a range of standard colours that you can see here. If you have a very specific shade you want to use, perhaps to accurately print your logo then for a small fee we can Pantone match colours. We use the Pantone Coated matching system. The balloon colour, unless it is white will often change the perceived shade of the ink colour that is chosen.

Our design team can create digital proof representation of your printed balloons, completely free of charge. This is often extremely valuable when deciding where to position elements such as text and will show you what your balloons will look like.

Please click here to see the balloon colours we print on. The colour options are dependent on the balloon type and size selected.

You can have as many balloon colours as you like at no extra charge, as long as you print the same ink colour on all the balloons. A popular combination is a range of colours of balloons with white or black ink. You can also change the ink colour half way through the run, this would incur an ink change fee.

Depending on how big your balloons are and how big you inflate your balloons, your logo will be somewhere between 5 and 6 Inches in diameter. There is, for obvious reasons, a circular print area for balloons so you'll get more bang for your buck with rounder logos or artwork than with long thin logos.

You can fill your balloons with either air or balloon helium. Hydrogen not recommended! 🔥 If you are filling your balloons with air, they can be mounted on balloon sticks (see our accessories section) or if with helium you can use ribbon to keep them from floating away! Air pumps are recommended if you are having to blow up lots of balloons, otherwise you risk tired cheeks.

If you are filling our 10 or 12 Inch latex balloons with helium then they will float for around 8-12 hours depending on how full you fill them. We recommend that you fill latex balloons on the day you are using them. Our foil helium balloons will float for a week at least. Our giant latex balloons will float for 3-4 days. If you are filling your balloons with air, they won't float but they will stay inflated for a long time.

Yes! In short. Our latex balloons are made entirely from natural rubber, a sustainable crop and as a result they biodegrade in around the same time as an oak leaf. Foil helium balloons are in theory recyclable but won't be accepted in the UK for doorstop collections. We recommend reusing your foil balloons as wrapping paper or for arts and crafts.

Not normally no! Although we do offer a corporate balloon in a box service. For your average order you will need to hire or buy your helium separately if you want your balloons to float. We offer helium hire or buy here.

As a default we will print your logo on your balloons with the neck down. This will ensure that the logo is the correct way up if the balloons are filled with helium or used with balloon sticks. Occasionally we are asked to have the balloons printed "neck up" so the customer can have the logo the right way up when the balloons are hung upside-down.