As well as printing balloons, our business has been one of the biggest suppliers of helium gas in the UK for well over 10 years now. So you can be sure, if you want us to supply helium for your printed balloons, that you're in good hands. We offer a variety of hire and disposable cylinders for events both big and small.

Find Your Nearest Depot

If you're thinking of collecting onr of our hire canisters, which can be one of the most cost effective ways of filling you balloons, you'll need to figure out how to get there. Locate the closest depot to your home / event by clicking the button below.

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Price Comparison

Helium can be expensive and the most cost effective option will depend on the type and quantity of balloons you are filling. Our handy price comparison page will help you make the right choice, so that you can be sure you're getting the best value for money possible.

Price Comparison

Important Safety Information

We encourage you to carefully read our safety information page on how to use and handle our cylinders with maximum confidence. Helium gas can result in lung damage or possible death by asphyxiation, so please don't inhale it under any circumstance.

Safety Info

How Much Helium Do I Need?

It can be very difficult to work out how much helium you actually need to fill your balloons, especially with just a wide variety of balloon shapes and sizes available. Luckily, we have you covered with our interactive helium volume calculator.

Helium Requirements

Helium Cylinders to Hire

X-Small Cylinder

1.81 m3

Our most popular option! Perfect for home use, party occasions and small events, our light, easy to use hire cylinder offers great value for money.

From £169.20

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Small Cylinder

2.61 m3

A great choice for small events, this fantastic lightweight cylinder is so easy to use and perfect if you need to transport it to your venue.

From £234.00

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Medium Cylinder

3.6 m3

An ideal choice for medium sized events and special occasions, this hired helium cylinder gives real value for money for that important event.

From £342.95

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Large Cylinder

5.21 m3

The perfect choice if you want to inflate large numbers of balloons, this lightweight and easy to use cylinder is great for decorating venues and taking to events.

From £444.00

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X-Large Cylinder

7.82 m3

A great value option for corporate events or promotions, this cylinder will make inflating large numbers of balloons a doddle!

From £654.00

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Jumbo Cylinder

9 m3

A huge cylinder giving the most cost effective price per balloon solution, ideal for large scale corporate, promotional events & in retail outlets.

From £661.99

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Buy Disposable Helium Canisters

Generally, our disposable tanks offer less value for money than the hire cylinders, however if you are filling a smaller number of balloons it can often be cheaper. Another reason for choosing disposable is it's often a more convenient solution for those who are too busy to pick up a hire cylinder.

Disposable Cylinder 50

0.25 m3

Can fill 23 10 inch balloons


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Disposable Cylinder 100

0.35 m3

Can fill 40 10 inch balloons


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Disposable Cylinder 150

0.5 m3

Can fill 46 10 inch balloons


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Disposable Cylinder 200

0.7 m3

Can fill 80 10 inch balloons


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Disposable Cylinder 250

1.2 m3

Can fill 126 10 inch balloons


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Disposable Cylinder 300

1.4 m3

Can fill 160 10 inch balloons


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