Ink Colours

When deciding upon the perfect ink color for your design, it's essential to determine which is more crucial: the colour of the design itself or that of the balloon. Once this decision has been made, you can proceed to choose hues that will complement and provide the right contrast to each other.

Bear in mind that some ink colours exhibit better visibility on certain balloon shades than others. For instance, lighter inks are pronounced on darker balloons, while darker inks shine on lighter-coloured balloons.

Also, remember that the colour of the ink may slightly change due to the balloon's colour, imparting a slightly different appearance.

For optimum visibility, we suggest using lighter inks such as white or silver on darker balloons and darker inks like black or dark blue on lighter balloons.

On our site, you can provide your ink choices as a standard colours like red, blue, dark blue, etc and metallic such as gold or silver. You can also use the PantoneĀ® matching system, which is a standardized system of colour matching, so we can mix our ink as closely as possible to the colours in your artwork. It is worth noting, that the underlying balloon colour, unless it is white, can change the perceived hue of the provided ink colour

Number of Ink Colours In Your Design

We can print as many colours as you like on your balloons, but the cost can increase quite rapidly when printing with more than one or two colour designs. Since latex balloons undergo printing while inflated, some natural shifting occurs as the balloons transition through our machines. Consequently, the degree of alignment or 'registration' in your artwork will influence the extent of this movement between colours during printing, so this is also something worth considering when deciding the complexity of the design you'd like printed on the balloon. Don't worry though, we'll check your artwork before printing and suggestions on how to maintain its integrity throughout the printing process.

Eco Inks

We use special ecologically friendly, non-toxic ink for all our printing.