How your final print will look depends a lot on the quality of the artwork or logo file that we use to make the ‘screen’ for your printed balloons. (See our ‘How We Print Balloons’ page here for further details of our printing process).

Ideally your artwork or logo should be presented as a Vector File. Vector files can be enlarged infinitely without loss of detail so work really well for balloon printing. Images created in Adobe Illustrator are usually in a vector format - EPS or AI. Other Vector formats include SVG, PDF and DXF.

If this isn’t possible then a high quality bitmap file can also be used. Example include Jpeg, PNG, BMP or GIF. These types of files are made of little dots, like a photograph so become blurry as you enlarge them. So it’s important that the image starts off in as higher resolution as possible.

If your artwork is of lesser quality then we will be able to redraw if for you, this may incur a fee but you would get to keep the redraw for future use in other projects.

You can check with us that your artwork is suitable by making use of our free artwork checker here:

Once we receive your artwork we will resize so it is correct for printing on balloons. Your artwork will fit into a circular diameter of about 16cm for latex balloons and about 22cm on foil helium balloons, depending on requirements.

If you are wanting text printing on your balloon and if you don’t know what font to use, we recommend selecting one of google’s free fonts:

Photographs and Halftones can be printed as a series of dots and work best on a lighter coloured balloon with dark inks. Although the reverse is possible. We can work from a colour or a black and white photo but the print will always be in one colour.

On our Latex balloons we can print up to eight individual spot colours and on foil balloons, six. We can also print in full (CMYK) colour.

For multicolour prints, your artwork should ideally have a separate layer for each colour required. Due to the nature of printing on wobbly balloons, registration between the colours is not always absolutely perfect but is usually within 1mm.

We can pantone match ink colours but the colour of the balloon may have a small effect on the perceived colour of the ink. We will make it as close as possible though! If you have any questions on how to submit artwork for printing, please contact us; it sounds more complicated than it is!